Jesus or Muhammad? A Question of Assurance

Two people have radically influenced the world: Jesus and Muhammad. One name invokes some people to love their enemies. The other name invokes some people to hate those who insult that name. However, movements in the West with varying agendas, infatuated with words like “co-exist,” “tolerance,” and “inclusivism,” shove all the key differences between faiths under a rug 
without any discussion over them. Yet History and Experience tell us that it is good to freely talk about differences in order to understand each other’s faith.

Steven Masood examines how followers of Jesus and followers of Muhammad use different dictionaries for the definition of peace, love, grace, and mercy. He delves into the Bible and the Qur’an, investigating how both present the creation and the patriarchs. While the Bible stops with Jesus and his disciples, the Qur’an brings Muhammad on the scene.

Masood deals sensitively with questions like:

  • Is the Qur’an the continuation of the Bible?
  • Did Jesus promise the coming of Muhammad? 
  • Is Jesus or Muhammad the “final messenger” with the authority of assurance from God?
  • What guidance was promised to Adam, to restore him and his progeny to God?
  • If Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe in the same God, why the different messages?
Xulon Press

Jesus and the Indian Messiah

A perspective of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam

The majority of Muslims await the second coming of Jesus to convert Christianity into Islam and establish the Islamic empire. However a group of twelve million known as the Ahmadiyya believe that their founder was the returned Messiah, the second coming of Jesus in spirit.

The movement denies the integrity of the Bible, the death of Jesus by crucifixion, his resurrection and ascension. Mainstream Islam persecutes the group as heretics, but is content to use its methods and tactics against Christians, thus unintentionally making it the source of some modern Muslim polemics.

This book is written to present a Christian perspective of the movement and addresses some of the arguments that are raised by Ahmadis and and used also by Muslims demonstrating the weakness of their arguments in the light of what the Bible says.

Word of Life
ISBN 1-898868-00-X

Why Follow Jesus?

Why Follow Jesus? answers important questions about the integrity of the Bible, who Jesus is and why we need him. It compares Muslim traditions with what Christians teach and shows that there are firm reasons for reading and believing what the Injil or Gospel says.

Written in a straightforward style suitable for those whose first language is not English, Why Follow Jesus? helps Muslims who are seeking the truth to understand Christianity.

OM Publishing
ISBN 1-85078-264-4

Into the Light

A young Muslim's search for truth

As a boy Steven wanted to be a faithful Muslim. He studies the Qur'an. He listened to his teachers. But something denied him satisfaction, and so he set out on the long and often hard journey to truth - truth at any cost.

He tells the story of that journey in a warm and personal way that will appeal to readers of all ages and backgrounds.

English edition: OM Publishing

More Than Conquerors

The story of a developing friendship between a Christian convert and his Muslim colleague.

  • Gives an understanding of the basic claims of two great world religions.
  • Answers many questions that non-Christians have concerning the claims of Jesus.
  • Provides new insight into the Islamic faith and the Qur'anic acceptance of the Torah, Zabur, Sahaif and Injil known to Christians today as the Old and New Testament.
  • Highlights the social and religious pressures for Christian believers in Muslim countries.

As in the author's previous book, Into the Light, you will find this filled with factual and personal insights into the hardships faced by Christians living in Pakistan today. This is a remarkable story of a life lived by faith and trust in God's Word.

Paternoster Publishing
ISBN 1-89893-883-0

The Bible and The Qur'an: A Question of Integrity

  • Has the Bible been corrupted so that it cannot be trusted?
  • Does the Qur'an affirm the reliability of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures?
  • What Gospel did Jesus preach and teach?
  • What about the gospel of Barnabas?
  • Has the Qur'an replaced the Bible?

Steven Masood explores both the Bible and the Qur'an, investigating their contents and comparing them to each other on the question of integrity. He gives insight and perspective to divergent and convergent aspects of the Bible and the Qur'an, dealing at length with errors in copying and translation and analyzing many specific objections of critical Muslims towards the Judaeo-Christian writings. In his conclusion he asks the reader to steer away from the 'battle of the books' and instead to set the course towards the question of Salvation, Najah.


Paternoster Publishing / ITL-USA, Jesus to Muslims
1-85078-369-1 also 978-1-4675-5671-2