Seminars and Courses

Dr. Masood continues to teach courses and holds seminars on topics as follows:


  • A Christian response to Muslims
  • A Christian response to Islamic Claims
  • The Bible and the Qur'an: A Question of Integrity
  • Muhammad or Jesus? A Question of Assurance
  • Post 9/11 Islam, Shari'a and its impact on the West
  • Conflict of the ages: Ishmael or Isaac? Jesus or Muhammad?
  • Mahdi, Jesus and the Anti-Christ in the last days - a Christian perspctive


  • A Biblical understanding of Worldview Alternatives (12 lessons - each 60 minutes)
  • Basic Teachings of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism (12 lectures)
  • History of Islam (general and intermediate levels)
  • Islam and Christian relations
  • Church History (general and intermediate levels) [12 lessons)
  • Comparative Theology: Islam and Christianity  (16 lessons)
  • The Bible and the Qur’an: A comparative study of the text and its compilation (10 lessons)
  • A Christian approach to Islam and Muslims in the 21st century
  • The Status of Jesus in Islam
  • Muhammad or Jesus? A Question of Assurance (12 lessons)
  • Revelation, Qur’an and Hadith
  • Shari'a: Islamic law
  • Fiqh: Islamic jurisprudence
  • Islam in India
  • Islam in Contemporary Britain
  • Islam in the West
  • The Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam
  • Naskh: al-Nasikh wa al-Mansukh: The theory of abrogation in Islam
  • Old Testament Survey (12 lessons)
  • New Testament Survey (12 lessons)
  • The Book of Acts (10 lessons)
  • The Gospel according to John (20 lessons)